sometimes i feel missing…

nothing special with today. I went to my institution as usual, but not as long  as the usual time. I had an appointment with my friend to accompany her looking for geology book in the second-hand book store in the town. Before that, I went also to the room of my faculty leader to discus the international event held on mid-July. I have not a lot  expectation about this kind of international event that also did in my institution last year, I just hoping the best for this event not like the recent un-so-success event. It will be nice for me to be the first “door” being a lecturer in my institution.. let me see for next step of me. ^^

yeah… In this day, i don’t know exactly what happened in me, but i feel strange. The strange feeling same as my first feeling i arrive in my home country. Suddenly i miss that country, the country where i experience my self being mature, the country that i explored myself with the perfect transportation system they have, the country where could showed me the real life.. with no facility like i have here, life with no love that i get here and liberal thinking that i can explore freely.  I really like being a part of that country, but just for learn something new. I really love being a part of that culture, but just for know the way they life. And the fact is, I have to be here in my home-country where almost broken because of un-mature thinking of the citizen. I have to be the one who will be the next leader here to developing this country. Here is it… my country that i love but i never know how love is me to my country as well as how love is my country to me.

I was reading the news which talked about RMS in the same day with I read the news about brainwashing system of the Hard-line religious perception happened in my country. I also read the news about NII, GAM,Papuamerdeka and so on also happen in my country. yeahh in the country that i love. Not just that, Melinda dee, Sally,and the others corruption figure show me how crazy is my country. I don’t know what happens with it, i don’t even know the source of those problem. Impossible if they have a fog with no fire its mean that it very impossible if there is a problem here with no provocation.  So, what should I do?? I have no choice… here is it,my country!!

yeahh… but, I never thing to give up or desperate with it. It’s not just my problem honestly, it’s the problem of the whole citizen of my country. although sometimes i feel missing with the free life, with no bad news triggered with the stupid way of thinking of the citizen and i also missing the nice happy life system in Europe..But i have to be proud and happy in my country…^^ Here is it, my home country where was a nicest archipelagos of the world, where have a lot of nature prosperity, where have a nice native people with a sweet smile on their lips, and i believe it will be better like before.

Special for my country… ^^


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I am nobody who really want to be somebody. Extremely introvert cheerful and easy going girl.. :) Thanks for visiting this blog... ^^

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