musim semi full with flower..^^

here is my story about my first spring season in Netherlands..the country where have a nicer flower -that is kuekenhof-of the world (by the way,just my opinion:p ) . I was curious to see how beautiful is the lisse famous village which grow a thousand million flower every spring season. so, I went to this place in the mid-Mei 2010 and i really really enjoy this view as well as I enjoy the delicious pancake of the world..hahah…

here the story begin…

i went to Lisse village 30 minute by bus from Leiden central station. I toke the bus number (upppss i forget by the way..if i am not mistaken, it was number 45). I bought those ticket from the GWK traveler it standing close by the entrance and exit door it that station. The price was 21 e, included with the bus round-trip and the entrance ticket for kuekenhof, the park where we could see a lot of flower. We also can buy the ticket of bus in the driver, or we can use OV-Chip card or the other card that we have and we could but the entrance ticket in the locket in kuekenhoff park area. The price is lil bit same, maybe it have 2-3 e different price. But, in that time it doesn’t matter for me, because i have no choise, and it was my first time visit keukenhof. I have no so much story to tell here but i will show you a lil bit picture. It will describe how nice is the flowers there.

Here is the picture, chech it out..^^


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