the day of me.. mid-April

i wonder with the meaning of international seminar as well as the meaning of brainwashing.. hahah.. it doesn’t have correlation by the way!!

yeahh.. again..nothing special with today.. i join the comitee of the international seminar which will held on July and it was nice. The committee is professional,they distribute the job disc good,better than the recent international seminar that i ever join before. It could make me forgetting lil bit my thesis work..hahah… but i hope not because i have to prepare also my publishing seminar in the other city near here.

oh yaa… this morning, i read a national geographic that i bought yesterday. it talk about planet and the stuff. i enjoy so much that topic as well as i enjoy the novel based from true story. i don’t know why i feel so interest with astronomic stuff and true story or biography book. But unfortunately i have no time to follow my reading desire..:p.

i have no cheerfull story to tell here especially with English but honestly, i really want to write something with bahasa buuuuttt…noooo…. i don’t want to use bahasa so could make me forget this language as well as i forget the Netherlands taal because have no friends to talk with. Poor me… hahahah…

ok… see you


About Women

I am nobody who really want to be somebody. Extremely introvert cheerful and easy going girl.. :) Thanks for visiting this blog... ^^

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