my activity during the day….:p

my activity during the day is not different as the other student in the world. I am starting my day bothered by the noise of my alarm and then try to get a view minutes more lying down on my comfortable bed that i ever have..:). while, waiting for the next alarm sound ringing beautifully, i try to remmember my dream last night. I jump quit from my room after my next alarm singing noissely, visiting the rest room for doing my usual duty that is pipi doen in Netherlands.
Back to my room again and back to my beloved labtop again. Turn on it,check the wifi (it must be excelent signal in this morning), check the email, the international seminar website that i am one of the commitee and the last is check my weblog account. After finishing all my rutinity with checking this and that, i am start opening my thesis work and try to read the paper related with my thesis topic. I do it usually until the time goes at 7 am. At 7 am i take a bath ritually..heheh… and then, doing the going to campus preparation. At 8 am after all of my preparation done , I grab my vehicle key and driving softly through the paving path in my home complex until campus ( it need only view second by the way.hehe..). first ritualism activity in my campus is visiting reading room of doctoral degree just to put all of my stuff in my locker and then leave it there until i am finish with something to do in stuctur laboratory. Everything  there done around 11 am, after that i back again to my locker in doctoral degree reading room, take my labtop, my book and on line through the S3 wifi signal. reading reading and reading a view time there with chating lil bit with my friends. working working working my thesis work which not finish yet perfectly until this time. I usually sitting in that room (but sometimes i have to back again to laboratory or faculty leader room doing something led by the boss there)until my stomach worm dancing hastily around 3 pm. I do stretching little bit second and then packing my stuff and run downstair visiting soil engineering laboratory just for greetings my friend or just make a small convertation with the laborant or the lecturer there. it could make me feeling happy chating crazily with them. Finnaly, the midday is over. I am happy there is no project work in my busy day preparing my thesis and being an international seminar commitee but otherwise i feel unhappy because there is no income for having fun this month..heheh… my lecturer again ask me to helping his project, but unfortunnately i have no permit from my prof. due to my not yet finish thesis work..hooo….

Midday is over and it means starting to prepare my convertation english class in the evening. But, everything going well and nice so i enjoying the day as well as i enjoying my meal (lunch +dinner) at 5 pm.


About Women

I am nobody who really want to be somebody. Extremely introvert cheerful and easy going girl.. :) Thanks for visiting this blog... ^^

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  1. komen apa yaaa?

  2. perhaps, my grammar? hahahah

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