a little Balinese style in Borneo

I was amazed because I accidentally found a different civilization on an island that should not cultured like that. hahaha … I found a culture of Bali in the middle of the Borneo jungle green. This is not how the real jungle, but the farthest corners region. yuppzz … I found that cultured temple of Bali in one city in Kalimantan namely Berau,Tanjung redeb. This temple was built by the transmigrates from Bali that many years ago in droves to move to this city. The move was caused by the eruption of Mount Agung who destroy their areas devastated at the time. It’s also built by the mine workers and government workers who stay and live permanetly or unpermanent in this area.
This temple is located right at the end of the bridge to the Sambiliung. The location is beautiful and majestic. Located in the high topography that directly overlooks the river satiated. But unfortunately, when I stop by there, there is none. Maybe because it was too late. I took the time to take photos for display here.



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