Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth-NGABEN

Grow and develop is a process in life. Every human beings are bound to experience a growth process. Plants will go through his youth before moving to the old and then died. Animals also undergo a process of growth from childhood, youth to old age and then end with death. It Similar with the human growth process. Every growth process must be ended by a death. and death is also through a process. That process may vary substantially from one region to another region, one cities with other cities, from one country to another. Each of the different beliefs and religions also has its own process. The end of a process of growth is death. Every human being will get that kind of process. In one area in my country Indonesia, namely Bali, growth and development process of ending a life marked by the NGABEN (cremation) ceremonial. Ngaben tradition is a local tradition from generation to generation that still continues to grow until now. and this is one of the ceremonies that marked the cessation of the growth process of a human life and also a preservation of Baliness local culture that still growing until now.

so, human growth and development will not be eternal but it will definitely end by death. And every nation, culture, religion and belief has its own way to celebrate the cessation of the growth process in the life of each. One of them is NGABEN.

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  1. Beautiful pictures…thanks for the pingback!

  2. Wonderful photos! Your piece is a sobering reminder too… everything that grows eventually dies…. Why not treat each other nicely while we still have time? Thanks for this one glad I checked it out.

    • Hi Elizabeth..yes.. i truly want to remember each other about something. so,i hope what i wrote and what picture i took in my blog will be reminding and telling something or not useless..:) I am happy that you like my post…^^

  3. It's a BEEautiful Life

    Thanks for the pingback!

  4. When I was in Bali in the 1993 I had the opportunity to witness a cremation ceremony. It opened my eyes to a different perspective on death. I even wrote a post on it on my blog.


    • that’s very good that you still keep your old picture (1993) and share it in your blog:) mine is new picture, i took it a view weeks ago in my hometown. yes, every part and area in Bali have there own culture and own way to do a Ngaben (Cremation) ceremony. My picture is telling about the way of cremation ceremony in Celuk village, Gianyar province, Bali. And yours is from Goa Lawah, the border of Klungkung en Gianyar. I Saw a bit different from both of ritual… but, it’s Good…:)

  5. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Thanks for sharing your photos. Remembering and celebrating life is part of a community’s growth. Do you have a religious service after someone dies and everyone tells stories about them? That’s what we do on Nantucket.

    • Thank you for your comment..:) yaa, in any religious way, we can get the story about what will happen after dies. It depends on Karma from the person it-self. wow, i am curious about Nantucket.. ^^

  6. Such rich post, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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